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“Guest rooms” is hardly an adequate description for the accommodations at the Pennsbury Inn in Chadds Ford, PA. (High-rise hotels have guest rooms; we have history!)

You enter the inn through an 1860 clapboard extension. And depending on which room you pick you make your way through a 1759 dining room, to a 1749 parlor (Game Room) and you duck your head a bit as you enter the original c.1714 parlor (once partly the hearth also).

Again, depending on your room choice, you’ll walk up a 300-year-old winder staircase or sit next to the not very well hidden “trap door” to the underground railroad hiding place.

We’re often asked, if the Pennsbury Inn is haunted. It’s said that Joseph Lancaster, the first innkeeper’s ghost, wanders from room to room on the second floor. People see the flickering lantern go from one room to the next. In order to do that of course, he needs to walk through walls.