An advantage for our guests

Tickets, even those bought online are timed,IE you can't just show up when you want to. So for many of our guests, timed tickets can be a real disappointment, if you're late.(traffic ?)

Longwood Gardens have set up a system where we can print,  NON-TIMED tickets at the same prices as their timed regular tickets.

So you get a little flexibility in your planning.

We often run a promotion  offering one or two free tickets for multiple night stays Sunday - Thursday.

For Friday and Saturday stays we offer tickets at a discount of a few dollars when we have them.

CALL FOR DETAILS 610-388-1435

Brandywine River Museum, Winterthur, & Hagley Museum discount tickets are also sometimes available at the inn. On occasion we have other attraction tickets, as well, so please ask. 610-388-1435