If you see what you like on our pages and are planning to jump over to a site that, on TV, tells you they get better rates, do some homework first. Check our prices see what discounts you already qualify for and make sure the "TV discounter" is really giving you a deal. Insist that they give all your info to me so I can be prepared for allegies you may have, or even preferences that I can accommodate. Most of them won't even tell you when check-in time is or how close we are to Longwood Gardens, because they don''t know! If I was checking into a 300 room highrise Hotel where all the rooms are pretty much the same and the policies are uniform -I'd see the logic of getting a little discount, at the expense of service . If you want to stay in a place with countless unique elements, then deal with the folks who can treat you like the unique individual you are! The Innkeepers at the Pennsbury Inn