Green  has becoome a buzzword  and yet  we really are trying to  learn about  being green  and doing what we can.

Below are some of the ways we are working to be more "GREEN"

Here are a few ways that the Pennsbury Inn is green

•We donate our leftover soaps to Clean the World
•Buy local produce from farms & farmers markets
•Recycle all plastic containers, paper, cardboard and metal
•Ask guests to reuse their sheets, cloth napkins and/or towels
•Heat and cool only the rooms being used
•Use CF bulbs
•Take used magazines to a Devereux Foundation center
•Have lights on timers
•Newspapers are recycled
•Re-use all office paper as scrap or recycle
•Grow our own herbs and much of our fruit
•Shop locally and support small businesses like ourselves
•Buy local products like flour, dried fruits mushrooms & other vegetables, breads, cheese, flowers instead of brands that have been shipped from elsewhere
•Combine car trips
•Use front-loading water-saving washer and dryer
•Mulch grass clippings
•Do not use any chemicals or sprays on flower gardens
•Collect all lawn and garden clippings and kitchen compostables to compost on the grounds and return to the earth
•Use gentle to the earth cleaners
•Re-use furniture - all of our antiques and most of our other furniture and décor have been used by other generations
•Regularly donate to Goodwill or Purple Heart instead of throwing useable things out
•Take our plastic bags to consignment shops so they can reuse them to bag their sales
•We return vases to a local florist, to be reused
•Recycle CF bulbs at Home Depot, cell phones through the military and batteries at Goodwill
•Buy energy star appliances as we replace old ones