If you're reading this you probably are into gardens, and know most of what I'm going to say here.


Monthly, at the Pennsbury Inn Bed and Breakfast, we get one or two guests who have not been  to Longwood or don't know what it is. And we tell some of the same stories and anecdotes that explain quickly to folks what to expect.

One of the first questions is: "when to visit".So many folks  call and ask, if the Bulbs are up yet? Or other "time related"  type questions. We are always trying to explain that using  the temperature, or the date to guess what you'll see at Longwood Gardens, doesn't always work. What folks don't realize is that many - in fact- most of the plants you see in the various beds as you walk to the conservatory, didn't grow where you see them. Most of the  plants , especially the seasonal and colorful and decorative plants, were grown in other  parts of the  Gardens often under  glass and are considered "pushed" So you may not see any tulips in the Pennsbury Inns gardens, but Longwood is jam packed and ready for your visit.