Some of Cheryl's thought's on her Garden

Guests  are always asking me about the Garden - often when Chery'l isn't nearby.  So I asked her to write down some thoughts  I could have, to share when I was asked.

I thought these  comments were so GOOD that I'd better  put them here for all to read



  • I don't try to force a plant to stay here if something is unhappy I let it leave.
  • I've had successes and Chip reminds me about my failures especially if he had to dig the hole.
  • I, of course, as we are a certified wildlife habitat, have many plants attractive to wildlife. Two of our butterfly bushes' rival any in the area and will often have 50 to 80 butterflies fluttering about on a hot August day.
  • I try to have enough flowers to cut, starting with daffodils, and pride myself on having my own flowers throughout the inn for many months during the growing season
  • Color's important in as many seasons as possible but frankly green is essential, as well, to rest the eyes.
  • I grow my own strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes and as many other vegetables as I can without making it inappropriate to also hold formal garden weddings.
  • I love having the trees off in the distance as a backdrop. 
  • The reflecting pool and pond are a centerpiece by themselves complimented by appropriate plants
  • Of course no garden is complete without roses, some have come and stayed, beautifully, such as the "Knockouts" and others come out with a beautiful display, and then fizzle when enemies attack.
  • I've had great success with hellebores, many bulbs,Springtime is especially great for fragrant trees and bulbs, of course. 
  • We try to be as organic as possible making our own compost although there's never enough, natural fertilizers and organic sprays, when necessary. Unfortunately this area can be plagued with long dry periods and of course the garden never does as well, when it's being watered, as when God does the watering.
  • I love sharing my limited knowledge on "growing" and love it when guests share theirs with me.
  • Adding beauty to the world-one plant at a time-Cheryl