Meet the Innkeepers

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Brad and Cindy Eck

Brad and Cindy have been married 25+ years, have three grown children, and are committed to investing their lives into helping others live better, love better, and be better. Their longtime dream of owning a B&B is now reality and they are committed to using this venue to invest in others. Cindy’s background in cooking, service, retail, etc. all support her daily in the Inn responsibilities; and Brad’s technical and business background support running the business and ensuring its longevity.

Special Scenarios (i.e. dog, kids, stairs, social needs, etc.)?

We try hard but we know we are not always right for every traveler. But we also try not to be too dogmatic about our policies. Some things might not work on a crowded weekend but might be perfectly OK during the week. One room might not be ideal, but another one is just right. So, If you have a situation that is keeping you out of some other bed and breakfasts – or – if you think you might not be welcome or be able to stay here, take a chance and call. If we really can’t help you, we will work to find a solution for your needs – 610-388-1435

Being Green

Green has become a buzzword, and yet we really are trying to learn about being green and doing what we can.

Below are some of the ways we are working to be more “GREEN.”

Here are a few ways that the Pennsbury Inn is green:

  • Donate our leftover soaps to Clean the World
  • Buy local produce from farms & farmers’ markets
  • Recycle all plastic containers, paper/magazines/newspapers, cardboard and metal
  • Heat and cool only the rooms being used
  • Use CF bulbs/LED lighting
  • Have lights on timers/switches
  • Re-use all office paper as scrap or recycle
  • Grow our own herbs and much of our fruit
  • Shop locally and support small businesses like ourselves
  • Buy local (as viable)
  • Combine car trips
  • Use highly efficient/energy star rated appliances
  • Mulch grass clippings
  • Compost
  • Regularly donate to Goodwill or Purple Heart
  • Recycle CF bulbs at Home Depot, cell phones through the military and batteries at Goodwill


Lulu, Gigi, and Coco also live here at the Pennsbury Inn. If you are familiar with the breed, they are super friendly and social butterflies! Normally, we keep them back in the private innkeeper quarters, but if you are around when we let them outside or if you’re just curious about being attacked by love, I’m sure they will be happy to oblige!

Discount Travel Sites

If you see what you like on our pages and are planning to jump over to a site that tells you they get better rates, do some homework first. Check our prices see what discounts you already qualify for and make sure the “retailer” is really giving you a deal. Insist that they give all your info to me so I can be prepared for allergies you may have, or even preferences that I can accommodate. Most of them won’t even tell you when check-in time is or how close we are to Longwood Gardens, because they don”t know!

If you want to stay in a place with countless unique elements, then deal with the folks who can treat you like the unique individual you are – The Innkeepers at the Pennsbury Inn!